BexiLocker: Since its inception more than a century ago, the traditional locker system has remained mostly unchanged. The difficulty arises in managing several keys for multiple lockers and ensuring that each one is used effectively. As part of the bank’s centralized approach, BCL has built a Locker Management System to streamline locker management in the branches. This system handles all aspects of locker management from beginning to end, including registering users, issuing and dispensing lockers and keys, rent collection, granting users access, handling duplicate keys, maintaining an access log, and triggering standing instructions and blocking defaulters from using lockers.

Benefits and Features:

  • Locker Application Processing
  • Locker Allotment
  • User definable lockers and locker types
  • Locker Rent Based on Locker types
  • Provision for mapping key numbers to locker cells
  • Auto Debit Facility for Locker Rent
  • Facility for Locker Rent Revision
  • Locker Rent Notification
  • Rental due Reminder, Statement and Customer Ledger
  • Locker Transaction Log is Maintained
  • Dashboard and Reporting