Automates the reconciliation of financial transactions from many sources, such as Nostro/Vostro, ATMs, POS, CBS, Switches and more. It is possible to identify matched and unmatched transactions based on such comparisons because the system itself supports it. With this Solution, banks and other financial service organizations can meet their needs with a full range of reconciliation capabilities. Transparency into transaction and exception handling procedures is enhanced by its functional components. Reconciliation jobs can be set up in a matter of minutes without the need for extensive IT assistance. End-to-end capabilities for managing an enterprise’s different reconciliation needs are provided by the system.

Benefits and Features:

  • Support All types of Organization like Banks, Corporates and Govt
  • Web Based Solution
  • Smooth Integrations
  • Data Import/Export Facility
  • ATM Reconciliation (CBS-EJ, EJ-SWITCH, CBS-SWITCH)
  • Foreign Nostro Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Local Nostro Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Wallets, and Third-Party Reconciliations
  • BEFTN/RTGS/NPS Transactions Reconciliations
  • Inter Branch Account Reconciliation
  • Remittance Reconciliation
  • Dynamic Dashboard and Reporting