TEAM 360: Our People and Payroll Solution is ideal for organizations of all sizes since it is user-friendly, dynamic, resilient, and highly customizable. The People Module helps with the definition of a company, the recruiting of new employees, the up-keep of employee profiles, the leave and attendance administration, and the processing of after service benefits. Training and Appraisal Module manage trainings and evaluations, and the system keeps track of each employee’s progress in real time. Salaries, benefits, Tax deduction/calculations are included in the Payroll Module.

Benefits and Features:

  • Support All types of Organization like Banks, Corporates and Govt
  • Web Based Centralized Solution
  • Dynamic Business Rule
  • Increase Functionality
  • Reduce Operational Difficulties
  • Integrated, Consistent Information
  • Easier Communications
  • Increases Transparency and Responsibility
  • Security of Data
  • Dynamic Dashboard and Reporting