About Beximco Computers Ltd.

Beximco Computers Ltd. (BCL) is a member company of the BEXIMCO Group, the largest Business conglomerate in Bangladesh. Established in 1983, BCL is one of the leaders in the growing IT market providing a total solution to its customer needs.

BCL was initially engaged in the development of various software including Banking Software by our in-house software engineers. However, organized marketing of microcomputers and allied products commenced in October 1984. BCL has the reputation of being the oldest Distributor of IBM personal computers in Bangladesh.

To increase operational productivity and maximize value for our customers, we seek to provide more efficient and effective solutions customized to the increasingly complex demands of today’s market. BCL also looks towards technologies that give a company a competitive advantage. We bring business and technology together.

We deliver high-end, customized software design and development for sophisticated domains and important clients. We are also involved in consultancy work in the fields of data processing, which includes systems and software designing besides the training of personnel. We provide EDP support to all customers under the BEXIMCO Groups and to various other organizations. The large and efficient information processing capabilities of BCL have made it competent to undertake survey and consultancy work in the fields of trade and industry.

BCL has established itself as a leader in systems development services through years of experience in many different industries. With a versatile management style, increasing yearly revenues and expertise in the latest technology. BCL attributes its success and repeats business delivering cost-effective, timely, and accurate solutions.

For more than three decades BCL has successfully completed several projects all around Bangladesh and abroad involving software design, development, hardware installation, and most importantly, customer support for all of our products. With vast experience and continued success for both installation of modern computer hardware and development of software solutions, products, and services in leading-edge technologies for the global market, Beximco Computers Ltd. Has been one of the leading tech companies in Bangladesh for the last 30 years.

“Tomorrow's Thinking Today"


Each of our activities must benefit and add value to the common wealth of our society and business organization. We firmly believe that in the final analysis, we are accountable to each of the constituents with whom we interact; namely: our employees, our customers, our business associates, our fellow citizens, and our shareholders.

Building confidence through dedication provides high quality at an affordable cost. Become an extension of our in-house resources. BCL's organization is based on our mission to provide ‘TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION’.


Building a true technology marketing-led enterprise with a motivated workforce, innovative vision, strong revenue-based product portfolio, customers satisfaction, and understanding of the global market.


We plan for long-term perspective and design our policy for clarity, responsibility, and accountability. Beximco Computers Limited is committed to contributing to the Digital Bangladesh vision.

Our Approach

  • Understand customer needs.
  • Strategic alliance and partnership.
  • Development of expertise in niche application areas.
  • 30-50% reduction in development costs.
  • Full-time Quality Assurance Teams.
  • Effective development methodology that reduces turnaround time significantly.
  • Professional experience in state-of-the-art technology.
  • A commitment to understand and grasp the latest emerging trends in information technology.

Our Strength

Areas of Specialization

  • Design and development of both applications and Software
  • Systems Feasibility and requirements study
  • Systems Integration
  • Networking and Data Communications
  • Software conversion across different platforms
  • Computer systems consultancy on turnkey, fixed price and time and material basis
  • Packaged software besides execution of projects using specialized offshore development methodology
  • Client-Server architecture and technology.
  • Banking Sector Automation
  • Mobile & SMS Banking
  • Agent Banking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Imaging
  • Data entry

Technical Expertise

With Client/Server Technology as the primary focus, we have developed and implemented a large number of applications under

  • Windows DOS
  • AIX / Unix

Projects have been developed using the most widely accepted Application Builders and RDBMS such as

  • Oracle
  • APEX
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual Age
  • Visual FoxPro
  • Developer 2000